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PLUS premixes are 100% Natural containing, "No artificial colours, No artificial flavours and No preservatives"

All our premixes are prepared at an ultra modern pharmaceutical graded plant.

Plus Beverages is one of the very few vending machine companies that produces a wide variety of quality premixes which taste just as the real thing. The wide variety of quality premixes available are Instant Tea premixes in natural flavours like Eliachi (Cardamom), Masala, Ginger, Lemon Grass and Regular, all time favourite Coffee Premixes like Cappuccino, Moccachino and Regular. Premixes of Dry Fruit Masala milk, Ukala, 3-in-1, Black Lemon Tea, Hot Chocolate & Tomato soup are also available.

All above mentioned premixes are available in 2 sugar variants Sweetened and Unsweetened, in various pouch sizes such as 250gms, 500gms, 1kg packs & single serve premium sachets.

The single serve premium sachets (3-in-1) can be consumed "Anywhere, Anytime", wherein the requirement is "Just Add Hot Water".

For the retail market Single Cup Packs are also available. Plus also specializes in making customized premixes for large quantities.