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Franchisee offer

  • The exclusive right to deliver Plus Beverages premixes in a defined and protected set of Customers.
  • Pride of doing business with corporate and office segment, where your investment is safe.
  • A product that's easy to wholesale.
  • Sales and Service Support.
  • After setting up a proper, base of customers business will be running on its own day in day out.
  • A continuing stream of new products and marketing ideas.
  • A business which doesn't have a saturation point or any major high's and low's.
  • A steady and reliable return on investment (ROI - 50% per annum).

Franchisee Opportunity

  • The opportunity to be your own boss and start an organization and watch it grow.
  • A fun, delicious product that consumers are drawn to.
  • A Product that's easy to wholesale.
  • The ability to spend more time with your family.

Start ups v/s Franchisee

Start ups

  • Time Taking & Risky
  • Yet to be Established
  • Very high
  • High
  • Self Developed
  • New Self Developed
  • Not available
  • Risky
  • Very Costly
  • Inconsistent

Franchised units

  • High
  • Well Established
  • Comparatively low
  • Already Established
  • Provided by Franchisor
  • Well tested
  • Provided by Franchisor
  • Tried and Tested
  • Available at reasonable cost
  • Consistent
  • Success Rate
  • Brand
  • Risk
  • Time Frame to establish
  • Operations
  • Technical know how
  • Training & Support
  • Business Model
  • Research Development
  • Returns

Business Model

Premixes solutions to…
  • Schools, Educational Institutions, Commercial Places, Railway Stations, Airports, Computer Institutes, Hotels, Canteens.
  • Small, Medium, Large establishments and Corporate Offices like Software Development, MNC's, Call Centre's, BPO's, KPO's many more….
  • Hospitals and many other places by installing our vending machines and supplying of hot beverage premixes by extending service support.

Franchisee Characteristics

  • Previous business or franchise experience (preferred).
  • Ability to follow a proven system.
  • Selling and/or managerial background.
  • Active in business, civic and social organizations.
  • A professional business approach.
  • An established business network (preferred).

Commitment required from prospective franchisee

Infrastructure Required
  • One sales and telemarketing executive.
  • One service technician for delivery and service.
  • 1 Computer with Internet, Printer, Fax, Telephone.
  • Dedicated office space of 200 SFT.
Investment Required
  • 5 to 20 Lakhs for Metros, 2 to 5 Lakhs for tier II & III cities.
  • Franchisee fee (non refundable) Rs. 1 Lakh for metros, 25 thousand for tier II & III cities.